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Gold Coast Commercial Photography Pricing


At ePS our photography packages are tailored to meet your requirements four your Gold Coast commercial photography needs. Whether you need a single detailed photograph, multiple angles or a customised package of both product shots and lifestyle hero shots, our photography rates have no hidden fees.


All packages include the following,

Professional photographer

Nobby Beach Studio facilities and lighting.

Photography of products

Basic retouching (includes colour correction, sharpening , image dust and scratch removal)

Clipping paths to remove background, placing products on a white background (also known as deep etching)

High resolution images for print

Low resolution images for web upon request

Delivery of the images via or Dropbox

Extras: Steaming, Cleaning of products, Models, Hair and Makeup, high end beauty retouching, Access to Burleigh Studio for fashion shoots requiring a larger space


Licensing and Ownership

There are no hidden fees for copyright or licensing. Your purchased images have unlimited usage rights indefinitely. As photographer I retain copyright for self promotion such as this website, Facebook or other social media platforms.



eCommerce Product Photography on a White Background


Pricing for single product on a white background


Standard Studio session fee $130


First 10 images @$30 per image

11-50 images @$25 per image

51-100 images @$20 per image (No Studio Session Fee)

101-500 @$15 per product (No Studio Session Fee)

For 500+ products please call 0404-491-331 to discuss bulk pricing.


Pricing is based on a standard product. Specialised products such as reflective jewellery, mirrored objects, flashing lights etc. will be priced on application due to the extra time required to set up the shot or post production of combining images. See Hero Shot pricelist below.

Group Shots


Your products are arranged in a cohesive, attractive fashion to display them as a consistent product line. This often takes more time and lighting consideration.


Group Product packages (one image)


Standard Studio session fee $130

2 – 3 products @$30 per image

4 – 6 products @$40 per image

7 – 10 products @$50 per image


10+ products POA based on product size and studio requirements. See Hero Shot pricelist below.


eCommerce Fashion Photography


Package 1 – Studio Shoot

Garments photographed on a model on a white/plain background.
Depending on styling, turnaround time between garments is about 5 to 10 minutes (sometimes less) to photograph front, back and side and then for the model to change. Turnaround time is faster if there is more than one model.
Model: from $350 per day
Makeup: from $90
Hair: from $60
1/2 Day Shoot (4 hours) $700
Full Day Shoot (8 hours) $1000
*Extra shooting hours $130/hour

Includes all acceptable images taken on the shoot and edited with basic optimising (colour correction, sharpening, contrast)


Package 2 – Lifestyle/Editorial Shoot

1/2day shoot (four hours) $700
1 full day shoot (up to 8 hours) $1000
Model: from $350 per day
Makeup: from $90
Hair: from $60
Includes all acceptable images taken on the shoot and edited with basic optimising (colour correction, sharpening, contrast). Great for Social Media Content

Full e-commerce Package 3 – Combined ecommerce Studio Shoot Editorial/Lifestyle Shoot

Note: This package is very work intensive. First the model is styled for the studio shot and then taken outdoors around the neighbourhood for some lifestyle/editorial shots. Settings include urban, street, park, beach, graffiti, industrial etc. All within minutes of the studio. The combined imagery provides you with a lot of content for marketing.

1 full day shoot (up to 8 hours) $1200
Model: from $350 per day
Makeup: from $90
Hair: from $60
*Extra shooting hours $130/hour
Great for Social Media Content.
Includes all acceptable images taken on the shoot both in studio and on location. Edited with basic optimising (colour correction, sharpening, contrast).
*Retouching is  up to $30 per image depending on the time required.

*Extra shooting hours $130/hour

*This shoot requires extensive preplanning. A meeting to discuss models, scenarios, props, locations etc is highly recommended.

We will work with you to produce the the look you are wanting by casting

a model, and recommending a stylist, hair/make up artist and directing

the look and feel of the shoot. Please call to discuss
pricing 0404-491-331


Hero Shots/Group Product Shots


Package 1 – In Studio Creative Hero Shot


Hourly rate $130/hour and $30 per image


High End Hero Shot – This type of shot requires much more complicated lighting scheme, backgrounds, props, attention to detail to make a flawless product shot. It’s akin to making a plain stainless steel appliance into a beautifully lit work of art that looks expensive and a must have product.

Note: Your hero shots sell to your target audience. Preconsultation in person, by telephone or Skype is recommended in making sure we are on the same page. Before I can give you a final quote I must be able to see and handle the product.

Note: This pricing is to be used as a guideline. Some products require less or more time depending on your photographic needs.


Package 2 – Large Group Shot


Hourly rate $130/hour and $30 per image

Group shots of more than 10 products require significantly more time to prepare in both lighting and composition as well as props and backgrounds may need to be purchased and sourced. Several composition choices are usually presented for your final approval.


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