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Gold Coast Photographer specializing in product, fashion and editorial photography for ecommerce and social media marketing. We provide high quality afffordable, commercial photography specific for websites, online stores, catalogues, marketing and advertising materials. By combining product and lifestyle shots we can create an unlimited supply of images you can use for social media, websites and marketing materials that show off your brand and sell to your target market. We have photographed a wide range of products including shoes, clothing, cosmetics, beauty products, optical glasses, sunglasses, medical supplies, stainless steel products, window blinds, strollers, watches and more.


Full range of Gold Coast photography services are, but not limited to:  Any Product Photography, Cosmetic Photography, Beverage Photography, Jewellery Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Fashion Photography, Editorial and Lifestyle Photography for Ecommerce Online Photography



Gold Coast Product Photography

Photography for Online Stores

Well lit, multiple angles, white background, perfect photography for ecommerce websites. The best way to show off your product online enabling the buyer to be certain what they see is what they will get.

Gold Coast Fashion Photography

Catalogue, Lookbooks, Ecommerce

Shot on a white background. Perfect for online fashion stores selling clothing, shoes, hats and other accessories. We can provide different options to suit your budget needs.

Gold Coast Lifestyle and Creative Photography

The Hero Shot

These compliment your white background product shots. Known as the hero shot or money shot, they show off your brand in a creative way that makes your product look high end .

Why Choose a Professional Photographer?



Reputation and goodwill are created from the first visit to your website. Your product’s photographic image must reflect the product your clients receive. Every expectation met builds trust in your brand. A high quality image of a trusted product by a professional photographer is more likely to be shared on social media further enhancing its reputation.



Quality images on an engaging website create the look and feel of a compelling shopping or online business experience. A professional, quality image is consistent, clean, detailed, easy to look at and accessible. Online images with these attributes will encourage your clients to preference your company they next time they are looking for your product.



Good quality images make for an easier decision to purchase. They effectively capture and represent a product’s color, size, style, essentially transmitting the photographic equivalent of touch, feel and even smell. A high quality image of your product by a professional photographer is an easily achieved sales technique that will drive home a sale.

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