Beauty and Skin Care Photography

Cosmetic Photography

Photography of Teeth Whitening Applicator for Wyte

Product Photography - Watches

High End Hero Shot for Banega Watches

Flatlay Photography

Flatlay concept for I Still Call Australia Home Hampers

Beauty Product Photography

Qi Beauty Skincare Range

Health Product Photography

Styled group product shot photography for Bio Medicals

Watch Photography

High End Hero shot with reflection shot in camera photographed for Banega Watches

Creative Flatlay

Cosmetic flatlay created for Opulent Cosmetics

Cosmetic Lipstick Photography

Lipstick Reflection shot for GlamAffair

Pet Food Product Photography

Pet Food Product Photography for Frontier Pets

Watch Photography

Hero shot for Reuben Ray Watches highlighting the interchangeable straps

Cosmetic Photography

Large group shot for Dusty Girls cosmetics


Gold Coast Product Photographer

Commercial/ Lifestyle/Editorial Photography



There are different ways to sell your product online in a more stylised way than just a white background. Most ecommerce websites have a combination of detailed product photography on white backgrounds combined with hero shots which are featured in banners and slideshows. It’s usually the first image the potential buyer will see and will target the demographic you are appealing to. Choosing the right Gold Coast Photographer is the first step in creating the right impression.



The Hero Shot is generally a photo that clearly shows the benefits or context of use. It can be called by various names including Context shot, In-use Shot, Beauty Shot or Function Shot. It is a visual representation of your product in use or implied use so that your customers can picture themselves using it and see how it will impact their life and benefit from it. It can tell the story of how the product works and feels. The hero shot, also known as the Money Shot, SELLS your product. It is like the opening sentence in a good story. It grabs your attention and convinces you that the product is just for you.


The image should invoke an emotional response.


“I would love to wear that”

“I want to be using that”

“I can relate to that”

“I want to eat that”

“How can I get one”

“That is so me!”


A lifestyle or editorial approach can reflect these responses. The product doesn’t necessarily need to be in the shot but the feeling evoked from the image should make you understand who or what the product is for and make you want to know more.



This type of hero shot makes your product look high end or luxurious and a must have item for your targeted demographic. The image needs to be flawless, It can make a boring subject like an industrial object into a beautiful piece of art through clean backgrounds, beautiful lighting and considered angle and perspective. A creative shot is another option of hero shot especially if it is a group shot that will show your entire range. Lighting, styling, juxtaposition, colours, reflections, patterns and rhythm all play a part in creating an interesting shot that demands attention.


In ecommerce websites the hero shot plays a important part of your sales strategy will be the first image a viewer will see when they land on your page or it will be on the cover of your catalogue. At eCommerce Photography Solutions we will work together to create the perfect Hero shot through consultation with you to really understand your product and your target audience.


“Don't sell grass seed. Sell something to play it on”


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