Watch Photography

Watch photography for Reuben Ray Watches

Cosmetic Product Photography

Opulent Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System Flatlay Shot

Beauty Product Photography

Product shots of Hair Straightener Brush by LVL Hair.

Cosmetic Product Photography

Product shoot collaboration of and Suzy Shanghai lipsticks

Cosmetic Flaylays

Creative shots for for website and catalogue material.

Skin Care Photography

Promotion shot of A Bit Hippy Skin Care

Shoe Photography

Group shot for Cienta Shoes Australia

Cosmetic Photography

Examples of cosmetic photography for Dusty Girl Cosmetics. Photos used for video product placement and website.

Industrial Product Photography

Example of stainless steel products for Miami Stainless catalogue

Medicinal Product Photography

Group image of Bio-Medical's products

Watch Photography

Example of photography of fashion watches for Banega Watches website and Instagram

Colour Correct Product Photography for Svensson Nails

Colour correct images of Svensson Nail samples.

eCommerce Photography Solutions

Gold Coast Commercial Product Photography


What can eCommerce Photography Solutions do for you?


At eCommerce Photography Solutions (ePS) we understand that the product photography you want presented is one of the most important design aspects of a successful ecommerce website or marketplace platform. On-line platforms that have images to capture the attention of customers that engage the senses of touch, taste and smell will convert clicks into sales. Ultimately the presentation of your website and its products provide your potential customers a reason to feel confident about purchasing from you. At ePS we provide clients with beautiful, sharp images from multiple angles, with no distractions, on a clean white background, that play a vital part in gaining the confidence to hit ‘Buy Now’.


Beautiful images sell products.


ePS creates stunning product photos that will leave your customers with confidence in the quality of your products.


The White Background


A pure white background is the best way to eliminate any unnecessary details and distractions allowing the prospective customer to focus purely on the product being sold. This can be done ‘in camera’ in the ePS studio or in post processing.


Gold Coast Product Photography

Product Range on a white background


Marketplace Platforms


Consistent sharp, accurate images of your product, on a white background, are essential for your online store but also for marketplace platforms such as Amazon and eBay. These platforms allow individuals to sell products directly without the need for a website. They do however have strict standards, such as sizing and white backgrounds, for their online product presentation.

If all your competition is selling their products on a white background, your images need to stand out. At ePS we take the time to find the perfect angles, get the right lighting depending on the surface of the product, and use post processing techniques that make your image sharp, colour correct and free of dust and scratches.

Detailed, multiple angles, with colour ranges as well as showing scale and accessories will make your product stand out.

Gold Coast Product Photography

Multiple Angles to shoe details

Multiple Images Convert Clicks to Sales


A study on showed that on average, sellers who list with 2 pictures are 7% more likely to make a sale and are 3% more likely to convert with each additional picture added to a listing. A product with 5 different professional images is 15% more likely to convert than a ‘normal’ listing*.

It’s important to show as much information about your product as practical to allow your clients to build the confidence required to convert your presentation into a sale.


Important to show scale to sell online

Using scale to sell your product

Consistent Product Presentation


We understand that consistency in imagery is important in establishing a reliable ‘look and feel’ for your products online. Reliability builds trust, and this in turn promotes your brand. Your online website should have images with basic elements such as the same backgrounds, sizing, style treatment and angles in place. This is especially relevant as new products come online or your web presence expands over time. At ePS our product photography shoots incorporate a fully documented approach allowing replication of your product’s ‘look and feel’ time and time again.

Product photography includes all accessories

Important to photograph all accessories


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